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Harvard Beets

Don’t forget the leaves! Often known as beet greens, the leaves are edible too. Beets were cultivated in prehistoric times for their leaves. The early Romans ate the tops, reserving the roots for medicinal purposes.

What is a Serving?

Veggies and Fruit.

Vegetables and fruit come in many ways. Fresh, frozen and canned are all great options to choose from. Explore this site to find practical tips and ideas for making veggies and fruit part of your everyday. Great for you and for your family!

Why Vegetables and Fruit?

Vegetables and fruit pack a lot of punch: the majority are low in calories, fat and sodium and are filled with vitamins, minerals and fibre. Plus, they taste great!

It doesn’t matter if you eat them fresh, frozen or canned. What is important is to eat a variety of vegetables and fruit each day.



Goodness in Many Ways Grants 

Goodness in Many Ways provided grants to help support community-based projects and activities that contribute to the increased consumption of vegetables and fruit in communities throughout Nova Scotia. Find more information here.

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