Fruits and Veggies - Fresh Canned Frozen


Each month we’ll feature a vegetable and fruit and include a recipe you can try. Remember, many vegetables and fruit can be found in fresh, frozen or canned, so you can always replace one form for another!

About the recipes

The recipes featured in this section are borrowed from the Strive for Five at School! A Guide to Promoting Fruit and Vegetables, a guide developed to help support increased fruit and vegetables in schools while highlighting local and in-vegetables and fruit. The recipes highlight vegetables and fruit by month based on seasonality and were developed by a professional dietitian.

Most recipes have few ingredients, take relatively little time to prepare, are affordable, and will help provide food that meet the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools.

Dietitian-developed and kid-tested by students in Nova Scotia, these recipes are sure to be a hit to help include more vegetables and fruit throughout your day!

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