Fruits and Veggies - Fresh Canned Frozen

Frozen Tips

Frozen vegetables and fruit can be stored for up to a year and provide options regardless of season and availability. Not sold on frozen? Consider these pointers:

  • Try buying in bulk and looking for sales to help save on cost.
  • Steam or stir-fry frozen veggies to keep more of the nutrients compared to boiling.
  • Freeze bananas that are overripe. They’re great in smoothes and in homemade muffins.
  • Frozen berries make great add-ins to hot cereals. Use in oatmeal: add frozen berries to rolled oats with some water and microwave for about a minute. This is an easy, tasty breakfast without the sugar and additives of pre-packaged flavored oatmeal.
  • Throw frozen peas in with rice as it’s cooking.
  • Throw frozen berries into a container or freezer bag; they'll be mostly thawed by lunchtime!
  • Interested in freezing your own vegetables or fruit? Check out CPMA's Fruit Freezing Guide and Vegetable Freezing Guide to learn more about techniques for freezing your own veggies and fruit.

Quick Tip:

Start your day with a fruit. Include frozen berries in a smoothie or add them to cereal.